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One of the most important technology trends in the hospitality industry today is the rise of smart hotel technology. This technology benefits both hoteliers and guests, potentially improving operational efficiency as well as delivering customer satisfaction and experiences.

1. What is Smart Hotel?

Basically, a smart hotel is a hotel that uses internet-connected devices, capable of communicating or interacting with each other.

The ability of these devices to communicate with each other can allow users to control multiple devices in a variety of ways, such as remote control, control via smartphone, tablet or speaker smart. Allows hotel operators to comprehensively monitor in-room equipment, allowing interactive connection of systems such as PMS hotel management systems to bring convenience to operations and customer experience.

2. Smart Hotel benefits bring:

1.1. For customers:

– Right from the moment guests check-in at the reception, through connection to the guest management system
PMS hotel, the system can activate the functions of welcoming guests: turn on the air conditioner in advance, turn on
Lights turn on when guests enter, curtains open when guests open the door (optional option).

– Guest entering the room for the first time: a welcome animation will be called, for example all the lights will light up, the curtains will automatically open, a welcome message will run on the IPTV, etc. This brings an experience to the guest.

– When the guest returns to the room, the RCU system will automatically return to the mode before the guest left
out, creating comfort for customers.

– Flexible control mode according to the scene, tenants only need to press 1 button to operate
Shows many built-in functions.

– The buttons and wall controls are all low voltage (5V/
12VDC) should be safe for users.

– Integrate all control functions at the bedside or control by App on phone or tablet, bringing convenience and customer experience.

1.2. For hotel owners.

a). Energy saving

One of the biggest advantages of smart hotel rooms, from the hotelier’s perspective, is the energy savings in the rooms enabled by the device’s automation features.

For example, through Keycardless technology (using door status sensor and person detection sensor), it allows to accurately determine the status of people/unpeople in the room, from which the system will automatically adjust. equipment in the room. Or the bulb can be set to automatically increase or decrease power, based on the light level in the room at that time. Similarly, air conditioning systems can be configured to automatically maintain a certain temperature. All of this will result in lower energy consumption.

b. Convenience in operation:

– Easily manage and arrange service times for rooms or do not bother guests when they do not need it, because all information is sent to the management center. Immediately after finishing cleaning the room, the results are updated directly to the software, so it is easy for managers to get information and coordinate work. Housekeeping staff can use tablets or observe information on floor display boards to proactively perform work.

– With global setting mode, hotel operators can change reservation parameters for all rooms such as setting check-in, welcome, and seasonal modes. When setting these parameters, all rooms will automatically change to the corresponding mode.

– By communicating with the hotel lock system, the RCU system can recognize guests or employees entering the room. For housekeeping staff, the system only turns on certain lights and locks the air conditioning control function. When the employee finishes cleaning the room, the RCU system returns to the previous state. Advantage: savings even in housekeeping mode because the HVAC does not need to run in this mode.

– Reduce system downtime: with optimal control algorithms of the units
room control, simple configuration, high system reliability, should minimize system downtime, increase guest room rental efficiency

– Convenient for warranty and maintenance work: With devices being monitored, operating data is collected and stored, allowing hotel operations staff to view performance information and operational data for other hotels. specific device in real time. This allows hotel staff to detect problems quickly, or even before they occur, allowing for earlier repairs. As a result, fewer guests will experience problems, early repairs can allow hotel owners to save money on replacement equipment, and will be less likely to lose money due to out of rooms.

3. With extensive experience in the Hotel & Resort field, Song Nam provides comprehensive Smart Hotel solutions. Solutions and products that Song Nam provides include:

1. Building management system (BMS)

2. Hotel room management system (RCU)

3. Energy monitoring system (PME)

4. Lighting Control System (Lighting Control)

5. I/O management system

6. LAN/Wifi network system

7. Telephong system

8. CCTV surveillance camera system

9. Public sound system/Play background music

10. IPTV/CATV system

11. Mobile signal booster system

12. A/V system

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