Smart building


Smart buildings and apartment complexes are a market trend that is being strongly developed following the current IoT trend.

Smart apartment solutions are defined by the following main characteristics:

– Smart amenities: Amenities include smart devices that bring convenience to residents as well as management.

– Connect ability. Buildings are wired inside and out to connect devices, building systems, residents and management.

– Community Management. Create a better living experience for residents by incorporating time-, money-, and hassle-free services.

A smart apartment solution is built by the following solutions:

1. Smart security solution:

The security system that monitors and warns with images through cameras is increasingly developing, and is one of the effective measures in ensuring security for each building. Helps operational security staff easily monitor building security.

Modern technologies such as FaceID facial recognition technology, enhance control of people entering and leaving an area or building. When combined with the building’s existing data system, this technology also ensures entry/exit security control. Unauthorized people appearing in these areas can send an alarm to security staff.

2. Smart Video Intercom Solution (Smart Video Intercom Solution)

This is a solution for communication between residents and guests, as well as residents and the apartment complex’s management, security or reception.

Smart video bell system with entry/exit door management features in apartment lobbies and elevator lobbies, combined with elevators, provides safe and effective entry/exit management features.

Loby phones with smart technologies such as Face ID and QR code increase convenience for residents.

3. Smart Home Solution (Smart Home Solution)

This is a solution that helps residents control and monitor their own apartments based on automation and IoT technology.

Objects controlled and monitored in the apartment include: lights, curtains, air conditioners, televisions, water heaters, air quality monitoring, security and safety monitoring, …

4. Smart Carparking Solution

Using smart AI camera technology to apply:

– Unmanned entrance station, using AI cameras to recognize license plates, vehicles enter without stopping to get tickets, increasing traffic speed.

– Know the location of the parked car with an AI camera that recognizes license plates, integrated LED lights to help: monitor security with images in the parking location, identify incidents, vehicles parked in the wrong position to warn, …

– Integrate App to display the number of available seats and smart car finder function

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