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With the rapid development of technology in recent years, the criteria for a modern, smart home are increasing. Currently, smart homes, also known as smart homes, are becoming increasingly popular in the world as well as in Vietnam.

1. So what is a smart home?
Smart home (English: smarthome) is a house that is installed with electronic devices to be able to control indoor devices (lighting, curtains, water heater, air conditioner, multi-zone sound system). …) automatically or via an internet-connected smartphone. In other words, smart homes apply information technology and electronic devices to make home control easier. Thanks to the application of technologies such as Ai, Smart Phone, IoT, cloud technology… smart homes can automatically help you do household chores such as automatically vacuuming and automatically turning on the washing machine. Today you can apply artificial intelligence (AI) to control your home by voice.

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2. System network of smart devices
Each smart home will be a network of different smart device systems, basically the network includes:
1. Smart lighting system (Smart Lighting)
2. Security system – Surveillance camera (Smart Security)
3. Smart air conditioning system (Smart remote for TV, AC and Fan)
4. Automatic curtain control system (Smart Curtain Controlling System)
5. Entertainment sound system (Multi – Room Audio System)
6. Voice control system (Controlling home by your voice)
7. Automatic watering system (Smart Watering System)

Smart lighting system
Smart lighting system is always a special and important highlight in your home. Smart lighting will help you a lot in life, for example:
You are on vacation anywhere, just need your smartphone to turn the power on/off. Set a timer and schedule activities for the light bulbs in the house. And you won’t have to turn on each light bulb when it gets dark or turn them off every morning. Let them work on their own
Control lights by voice with virtual assistants. With just one word from you, all the lights in your house can easily be turned on, increased or decreased as desired.
Combining the lighting system with other smart sensor devices in your home, when you open the door, the lights automatically turn on or turn on the lights when someone passes through the hallways… That is the point where only projection devices Smart light can do.

Security system – Surveillance cameras
Security system – Surveillance cameras are a key part of your home security, helping you monitor and track your home’s assets. The system includes: Video doorbell, Door anti-intrusion protection system, Movement detection, Gas alarm, Smoke alarm, temperature, humidity, toxic gas alarm, water overflow alarm… To protect 24/7 safety for your home.

Smart air conditioning system
You don’t need complicated installation or remodeling to make your home air conditioning system smarter. With just a wireless infrared device, you can control the air conditioner from your phone. These devices are very diverse, their functions are also very useful such as: When you are not home, you can still control On/Off the air conditioner and fan via your phone. Check the status and temperature of air conditioners in real time remotely. Automatically turn on the air conditioner when the temperature is high or increase the temperature when it’s cold with temperature sensors. Self-learning function: learn the remote controller if the device is not available. Voice control with Google Assistant and Alexa, Siri…

Automatic curtain control system
In a smart home, the control system for curtains, windows, and doors is always integrated. With this control system, you just need to sit in your seat and can still easily control the washing curtain system, rolling doors… with a touch of your hand. At the same time, you can also set up the script to open every morning at 6:00 a.m. and down at 9:00 p.m. every day. Or control the curtain opening by voice with a smart speaker, it’s really simple.

Entertainment sound system
An audio system is a combination of many audio devices, which basically include: Speakers, Amplifiers and control systems. Multi-zone audio is a system with multiple speakers that can play different tracks in different locations. With a smart home, a multi-zone audio system can do even more. The ability to synchronize and control each playback zone combined with high-quality audio equipment from reputable manufacturers will help you have the most wonderful moments of music experience. Smart homes need to understand the preferences of you and the people in your family to play music and programs according to each person’s preferences.

Voice control system
The voice control system can help you control devices in your home with your voice. For example: Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant, Google’s Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri. They also have many special features thanks to built-in smart voice assistants. These smart assistants are voice-activated, which means you can ask them to do a range of things, including playing music, answering questions, and controlling other smart home devices.

Automatic plant watering system
Each of us wants to design a different private green space in our home. It is more convenient when the trees in your garden will be watered automatically every day, everything becomes so easy. When it rains or the soil moisture is high, the system will automatically stop watering.
You are an active person at work, often busy or have to travel far from home, worried about not being able to take care of your garden. The automatic watering system will help you with that, you just need to set a timer to turn on and off the watering device and it will automatically work. From there, your garden will be given the best care, saving maximum costs.

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Things you need to pay attention to when installing a smart home

1. Clearly define your needs
As you can see above, a smart home system has many items, so we need to clearly determine which items we most want to do and which items we don’t want to do. Because this will avoid waste for you and make it easier for the design unit.

2. Which smart home technology to use: Wired or wireless
If you have a lot of budget and your house is in the design stage, then a wired smart home solution is appropriate. If your house is not too large and you want to quickly design a smart home, then the wireless smart home solution is for you. This step helps you calculate the necessary cost to invest in a Smart home for yourself, because the cost difference between wired and wireless solutions is quite large.

3. Manufacturing and technology company
Smart homes are a very strong growing trend today, so there are many and competitive companies participating in the market. That’s why we need to carefully review smart home brands to see if the brand is famous, what are the brand’s technological strengths, and are they being used by many people? Because none of us want to be experimental subjects, right?

4. Choose a design and construction unit
Just like considering smart home brands, choosing a construction unit is the same, it is necessary to ensure the following criteria: Does the company have seniority in the industry, how old is the company, does it provide Identify actual projects that have been done in the past, support us in meeting customers who have installed smart homes, and especially the size of the company must ensure warranty personnel. Because when problems arise, support speed is most important.

5. Can be expanded when needed
Our usage needs will change over time, many times we want to expand to other applications and areas in the house, so the smart home system must be able to expand quickly without having to Re-planning, this is very important, it will help you save a lot of costs if you want to expand later.

6. Experience the Smart home
At this point, you now own a Smart home, SongNam would like to congratulate you. Your job now is to experience the modern technology that smart homes bring, helping you feel comfortable and save a lot of operating time. Enjoy the context that the house brings, SongNam is sure you will regret not investing in installing a smart home sooner.
SongNam wishes you to have the most satisfactory Smart home. See you in the next articles!

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