Smart home

  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Security
  • Smart remote for TV, AC and Fan
  • Smart Curtain Controlling System
  • Multi – Room Audio System
  • Controlling home by your voice
  • Smart Watering System
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Smart building

  • Smart security solution
  • Smart Video Intercom Solution
  • Smart Home Solution
  • Smart Carparking Solution
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Smart hotel

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  • Business Analytics Fundamental
  • Technology, Machine Learning in BA
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Communicating Business Analytics Results
  • Business Intelligence Capstone Project
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Web app for digital transformation

  • Cloud Server – cloud solution for businesses
  • Mobile App
  • Web App
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  • 01
    Has many years of experience in the high technology field
  • 02
    A team of experienced and highly specialized managers and engineers
  • 03
    Providing a variety of smart solutions
  • 04
    Senior staff size up to 50+ employees
  • 05
    Successfully deployed Smart Hotel and Smarthome solutions for 1000+ rooms, apartments, and villas
  • 06
    Leading partner of high-end electrical equipment brands such as Schneider Electric, Legrand
  • 07
    Excellent after-sales service
  • 08
    Reasonable price

Typical projects



  • Step 1: Understand customer needs, advise appropriate solutions

  • Step 2: Prepare a quotation plan, equipment layout drawings, and method presentation judgment

  • Step 3: Close the copper contract, make a deposit, and proceed with ShopDrawing construction drawings

  • Step 4: Engineer Duc Phuc supervises and coordinates with other construction units to ensure correct construction drawings have been approved

  • Step 5: Check the current status, install smart devices and electrical cabinets

  • Step 6: Configure programming, create graphical interface, and test the system

  • Step 7: Handover and instructions on how to use the system for customers

  • Step 8: Warranty and product maintenance

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    Technology bulletin board

    19-03-24 | 7:17


    A smart building is a combination of infrastructure and information sharing technology between systems to optimize the building’s performance. Smart buildings powered by Internet of Things (IoT) solutions monitor and evaluate processes and conditions. They empower facility managers to reduce energy waste and crime, such as trespassing and vandalism. So, applying IoT to smart buildings,...

    19-03-24 | 7:14


    1. What is a smart office? Smart Office, English name is Smart Office, is a digital office in which the application of technology in the workplace to make the physical environment smarter and adapt to the working process. company work. The concept of a smart office has actually existed for a long time, but it...