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1. What is a smart parking system?

Smart car parking management system integrates modern technologies and equipment such as surveillance cameras, software to keep customers’ and employees’ cars from theft and better manage the number of cars. many cars.

Benefits of smart parking

– Save labor and management time
– Avoid frequent vehicle entry and exit leading to delays.
– Control financial issues such as daily and monthly car deposit…
– Simple management system through easy-to-use SPM software.
– Reduce the number of personnel while improving the quality of supervision
– Report data via excel, easy storage.

2. Smart parking system includes

– Inductive magnetic ring
– Safety sensor
– Camera captures license plate
– Card filter
– Barrier
– Security cabin

3. Smart parking guidance system

The Parking Guidance System applies ultrasonic technology to detect vehicles, directing the vehicle to empty positions with LED panels and colored lights.

-CCU (Control Center Unit):

o Function: Control the whole system

o Connect to ZCUs via TCP/IP

o Connecting to the control computer via TCP/IP

o Unlimited number of ZCUs can be connected to

– Zone Control Unit ZCU (Zone Control Unit):

o Function: manage sensors connected to ZCU

o Connect to Zone sensors and LED panels, transmit signal and power via network cable.

o Connect to CCU via TCP/IP

o Each ZCU can manage up to 40 sensors

– Ultrasonic sensors and LEDs indicate the status of each parking position:

o Function: detect whether the parking position is available or not and display the status by the color of the LED light

o When there is no object blocking the ultrasonic beam, the sensor will recognize this as an empty position and the LED will light up green.

o When there is a parked car, the sensor will detect an obstacle and record that there is a vehicle in this location, the LED will light red.

o The maximum obstacle detection distance of each sensor can be set through the control interface on the ZCU.

– Led panel shows the number of vacant positions:

o Function: notify the number of vacant positions in each Zone or each floor

o Types of Led panels:

General Led Board (Outdoor LED): usually installed at the entrance of the parking lot or the input at the floors, showing the number of empty seats in the entire parking lot or in that floor.

Child Led Panel (Internal LED): connects to the system through ZCUs, installed in Zones and displays the number of vacant seats in that area. Each Led panel can display the number of seats of many ZCUs.

– Computer with system management software installed:

The computer’s IP address must be in the same network range as the CCU and ZCU devices

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