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1. What is a smart office?
Smart Office, English name is Smart Office, is a digital office in which the application of technology in the workplace to make the physical environment smarter and adapt to the working process. company work.

The concept of a smart office has actually existed for a long time, but it was not until recent years that the trend of digital transformation, the application of 4.0 technology in life, has made smart offices more popular in Vietnam. Male. Along with the development of technology such as Big data, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI)… new names for smart office buildings also appear and become reality.

2. Smart Offices Benefit
Like smart cities we often hear about, Smart Office is a workplace, or high-tech office, that applies technology to automate work processes and optimize work productivity. human work. Making our resolution time faster, performance is pushed many times higher than what we usually do manually.

Smart office is designed in addition to reducing human effort and increasing labor productivity, it is also created for the purpose of optimizing costs for businesses. In terms of initial investment costs, it is clear that smart offices consume more capital, but in the long run, businesses can receive much more benefits:

– Smart office saves energy, reduces energy consumption of devices and increases their lifespan

– Help in system administration, large database administration

Automate all processes, help businesses create more value

– Increase the competitiveness of enterprises

3. What does the smart office include?
Smart office includes: Smart meeting room & Smart workspace.

Smart meeting rooms powered by smart technology integrate technology devices and software into the meeting space creating a highly efficient meeting experience for in-person attendees and online participants.

A smart workspace is an area where employees can work individually or as a team. These are different areas of the office that allow employees to choose which environment best suits their tasks or projects. At Smart office, people can go through the “reservation” software in advance to avoid overlap and help optimize office space.

4. Smart office trends in the future
Certainly, the phrase “smart office” will be a name known to more employees in just a few years, when the application of technology becomes indispensable in people’s lives and business activities.

Smart office or Smart Office is predicted to develop according to the trend of digital transformation, not only office equipment, but also building design, office furniture will also be applied technology to automate. . In which, an important factor is improving energy efficiency, helping employees in the company to actively adjust related factors, especially taking advantage of light energy, in the hope of saving energy. from 20 -50% of electricity consumed in traditional office buildings today.

In addition to installing sensor systems, devices used in smart office buildings will also be improved and invented to systematize and link to the entire wifi network, helping employees to work anywhere. anytime, anywhere, easily share information and search for information using personal devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Smart office, in which information safety and security is also a trend that is particularly focused. When most data is stored on cloud computing, information safety and security are factors that need to be ensured for businesses to develop sustainably.

Along with the trend of digital transformation, Treienr smart office will not separate the application of artificial intelligence AI to replace human handling of work, Big Data or cloud computing technology…

Many people are mistakenly thinking that a virtual office or a shared office is a smart office. But in fact, a smart office is a real office, smart because it helps people, helps businesses optimize resources, work efficiency and add value, which are all made up of the application of high-tech equipment, under human coordination.

Above is some information about smart office and smart office development trends. Hopefully, the above knowledge will help you and be the basis for your business to prepare the first step to transform a smart office in the near future.

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